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Things to do

Caswell County may be ideal for those who want to just rest and relax. We also have a number of things to do for those looking for a little adventure. 

lions at animal park NC
kids in farmers lake
forest walk trail

Trails and Parks

The abundance of untouched land is just one of the many aspects that attract nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. Walk the trails, take a dip in Hyco Lake, or take in the sweet smell of flowers at the Caswell Community Arboretum. 


Animal Park at the Conservators Center

676 E. Hughes Mill Road
Burlington, NC 27217

(336) 421-0883 - we are a small staff and the phone isn't always attended. Please schedule your visit on our website here.

Throughout their 25-year history, the Animal Park at the Conservators Center has supported wildlife education and conservation. Their dedication to public wildlife education extends from on-site tours to the multiple educational and institutional partnerships the Park maintains. There’s a world to explore in the Animal Park at the Conservator’s Center (reservations required). Your adventure starts here:

Baldwin Grass Fed Beef

5341 NC Highway 86 South
Yanceyville, North Carolina, 27379

(336) 694-1620

Visit the largest farm in Caswell County, a multigenerational family sustainable cattle ranch outside of Yanceyville.  With over 2300 deeded acres raising Charolias (char-lay) cattle, the operation conducts a year-round grazing program.  The company store is open Monday – Saturday from 9-5. weekdays. Each spring and fall the farm has an open house farm day inviting families out for a day of fun. For more information visit

Caswell Community Arboretum

144 Court Square

Yanceyville, NC 27379

(336) 234-7375

A Platinum Certified Audubon Bird Friendly Habitat open to the public.  A project of the Caswell Horticulture Club, located on property owned by Caswell County. The mission is to educate and lead by example with plants and features that build biodiversity using native, and native cultivars, and the removal of non-native invasive species. 

Yanceyville Veterans Memorial Park

Corner of Church and North Streets Yanceyville, NC 27379

Visit the lovely memorial to veterans of Caswell County who have served in all branches of the military. A memorial for Caswell first responders that have sacrificed all to serve is also in the park. Come see it at the corner of Church and North Streets in Yanceyville.

Caswell County Farmers Market

158 N. Church Street, Yanceyville, NC 27379

Caswell County Local Foods Council organizes and runs the Caswell Farmers Market. It is open late April through September. Experience the healthy foods our farmers produce for the community. Caswell’s Own, Tooth Fairy in Disguise, is at each market with the ‘Two Bite Club” where youngsters can sample just two bites of locally grown vegetables to see how they like it. Located at the Yanceyville Pavilion.

Caswell Pines Golf Club

2380 County Home Rd

Blanch, NC 27212

Pro Shop: (336) 694-2255

Beautiful Caswell Pines Golf Club, a public championship course built to USGA standards, was originally created by renowned golf course designer, Gene Hamm. The traditional design utilizes the pristine beauty of the natural terrain and the result is paved cart paths curving through winding groves of loblolly pines with a mixture of hardwoods and other evergreens. More info online at

Flying Disc Clubhouse – Frisbee Golf Course

515 Club House Rd

Blanch, NC 27212

(336) 933-1907

The Flying Disc Clubhouse is one of Caswell County's hidden gems. This historic log-built clubhouse dates back to the 1930s and is an idyllic setting for friends and family to gather. With a disc golf course and putting greens, walking trails, a play area for kids, and lots of outdoor seating, there's fun for the whole family. We also have 10+ craft beers on tap and 50 cans and bottles to choose from. We also specialize in old fashioned craft sodas and fresh fruit drinks. 

Hyco Lake

205 Kelly Brewer Rd.

Leasburg, NC 27291

(336) 599-4343

Fishing and boating opportunities abound at Hyco Lake. “Hyco” was shortened from the Native American word “hicotaminy” which means Great Turkey Buzzard. The area that is now home to the 3,750 acre lake was once inhabited by Native Americans and, of course, the great turkey buzzard. See for numerous lake resources and plenty of amenities.

Farmers Lake

3268 Badgett Sisters Pkwy

Yanceyville, NC 27379

(336) 694-5522

Your fishing hole awaits. S.R. Farmer Lake is a popular lake for many area anglers. Its rural setting, restrictions on jet skis and swimming, and large bass population make it an ideal lake for fishing. 3268 Badgett Sisters Pkwy, Yanceyville - Open for boating and fishing March 1st - November 30th. Canoes and kayaks are available.

R. Wayne Bailey Caswell Shooting Range

3670 NC-86

Yanceyville, NC 27379

(336) 402-0684

Hone your skills at R. Wayne Bailey Caswell Shooting Range located at 3670 NC-86, Yanceyville. For more information visit activities/shooting.

Distinguished Pistol Outdoor Shooting Range

431 New Castle Farm Rd

Mebane, NC 27302

(336) 421-9136

Bassi Ranch at Hightowers, North Carolina, is home to the Distinguished Pistol Outdoor Shooting Range where they teach safety and marksmanship skills to new shooters! Everyone is welcome.



Open on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays (10AM-5PM) & Sundays (1PM-5PM) 

Always check the Calendar Page on the website before coming out to the ranch! They host events that may cause closures during regular hours, so please make sure they are OPEN!

Caswell Recreation Center

228 County Park Rd

Yanceyville, NC 27379

(336) 694-4449

The Rec Center Includes a picnic shelter and paved trail encircling the baseball fields and tennis courts at 228 County Park Rd., in Yanceyville.

Camp Springs Blue Grass Park


540 Boone Road

Elon, NC 27244 

(336) 213-1944

A restored campground and blue grass park that hosts a number of seasonal events. Visit their Facebook page for a list of upcoming events and how to purchase tickets. 

Simmons Farm Museum and Tractor Farm

3992 Kerr's Chapel Rd

Elon, NC 27244

(336) 260-2308

At Simmons Farm Museum, they are focused on helping visitors disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. They offer family-focused activities and educational opportunities that are rooted in local farming. Our event venue and museum has something for everyone. 

Historic Courthouse

144 Court Square

Yanceyville, NC 27379

(336) 694-4965

The historic Caswell County Courthouse at Court Square in Yanceyville, is a monumental embodiment of Victorian Institutional Architecture; a testament to Caswell’s prosperous past. Tours are coordinated at the Richmond-Miles Museum at 15 Main Street, Yanceyville, NC.

Richmond-Miles Museum

15 Main Street

Yanceyville, NC 27379

(336) 694-4965

The Richmond-Miles Museum is the homeplace of Maud Gatewood and contains a museum filled with articles representing rural life. At the museum, tours of the Old Jail and the restoredone-room Poteat School House can be scheduled. Museum hours: Wed - Fri, 1 - 4 PM.

Yanceyville Museum of Art

158 East Church St
Yanceyville, NC 27379

(336) 694-5431

The art gallery features the largest collection of Maud Gatewood pieces. The gallery includes both her personal works as well as pieces from her collection. The Yanceyville Museum of Art is located inside the Yanceyville Municipal Services Building located at 158 East Church Street in Yanceyville.  It is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm and is free to visit. 

Shangri-la Stone Village

11535 NC-86

Prospect Hill, NC 27314

(336) 694-6106

A retired tobacco farmer's hobby project turns into a must-be-seen stone village. Unique to Caswell, this whimsical village was fashioned by Mr. Henry Warren with white quartz from his farm. His family graciously invites the public to visit and enjoy. Please be gentle with the structures and respectful of this family’s property. Located beside 11535 NC-86, Prospect Hill, NC.

Caswell Arts

125 Main St.
Yanceyville, NC

(inside Co-square Office Building)

(336) 694-4474

Features rotating exhibits of local artists and is a hybrid gallery/retail space.  Located in the CoSquare shared workspace facility in downtown Yanceyville, find it at 125 Main St. For more, visit

Maud Gatewood Park

Firetower Rd.

A short paved tranquil trail where locals often do their daily walk. The park features a picnic shelter, tables and restrooms just off the busy NC-86.