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A Journey Back in Time on the Cherry Bounce Trail

Many of us that were born and raised in Rutherfordton often forget all the fantastic history that surrounds us everyday. From the stores that we shop that have been around for centuries to our favorite hilltop we sled down in the winter that was once a famous battleground, we are surrounded by such a rich heritage that has become part of our daily routine. The STEP Committee took time this week to embrace that history and make a point to venture out on one of the most popular drives through our county, the Cherry Bounce Trail.

For those not familiar with the Cherry Bounce Trail, it was once a route used by moonshiners to deliver Amos Owens’s famous “Cherry Bounce.” People traveled from miles around to purchase the famous concoction made from Golden Valley cherries. It became so popular it was known as far away as the Mississippi River and Amos Owens became one of the most infamous moonshiners in North Carolina history.

Along this famous trail are numerous links to our history. A battleground from the American Revolution, the oldest family owned and operated retail store in North Carolina and possibly the birthplace of a U.S. President. Did I mention the best pimento and cheese sandwich in NC? Yeah, we got that too!

We had a great time touring this historic trail and visiting all the sites along the way. We encourage everyone to take time to drive this trail and experience the beauty and heritage in your own backyard. For more pictures and stories, search #cherrybouncetrail on Facebook. Download a turn-by-turn directional flyer: Cherry Bounce Trail Flyer.



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