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Enjoy the Purple Martin Greenway

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

October 15, 2018 - Rutherfordton Staff Reports

Located just off US Hwy 221, south of downtown Rutherfordton, the Purple Martin Greenway is a hidden gem that feels like a true wilderness escape, with the convenience of close proximity to shopping and restaurants. The Greenway has now reached Charlotte Road and is moving north toward Kiwanis Park. The overall vision for the Trail is to connect Crestview Park on the south side of Town to Kiwanis Park in the heart of our community. The trail has become a favorite place for walkers, bird watchers, bikers, dog walkers and those just looking to enjoy the serenity of a natural escape. The Town is working with NCDOT to install a crosswalk and the associated lights for a safe pedestrian crossing at Charlotte Rd in the coming weeks, but the trail itself is open for use. At 1.5 miles long, the trail is perfect for athletic training. You can easily extend your exercise by adding various distances with the walking trails at Crestview Park and the Downtown area sidewalks.

Named after the purple martin bird that appeared on General Griffith Rutherford's Family crest, the trail is the town's first natural trail system. Along the trail, you can see wildlife, interact with Cleghorn Creek, and enjoy the beauty of the covered bridge.

The Greenway vision is just as much about the town's ability to add a vital outdoor recreational amenity as it is about promoting overall community health. As such, this trail provides an outlet for those looking to improve their health while simultaneously spurring development along the trail. The Town is making plans for housing, business growth and redevelopment opportunities along the Trail corridor. This investment in the Greenway will both improve our collective waistlines and improve the financial health of the Town.

The future Purple Martin Greenway corridor



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